10 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers - 2019

10 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers - 2019

Technology has been digitally transforming the operations of every industry including the legal, enabling maximum productivity through digital means. Legal professionals are implementing technology solutions to digitize the workflows, enhance security and accuracy in the areas of contract management, document review etc. for improved customer experiences. Artificial Intelligence has already proved to be a vital tool for intelligent document analysis in the legal space where large amount of documents are a given. Owing to increasing security attacks and data breaches, legal firms are orienting towards blockchain deployments to mitigate the security risks. Blockchain provides robust environment to store data and enables law firms and corporate legal departments to achieve higher level of data security. However, technology deployments should be in line with compliance requirements of the legal domain to add value. Hence, the businesses in the legal industry are looking for a technology partner who can help them leverage technology to increase their business productivity in line with regulatory compliances.

Enabling legal fraternity to choose the right vendor to work with, CIOReviewIndia proffers a list of “10 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers - 2019”. This compact list displays an inventory of skilled vendors with an industry rich experience, technically adept teams and a proven track record. A panel consisting of prominent CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial team has meticulously researched and zeroed in on the final 10 vendors who we firmly believe can assist legal firms in their business operations.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 10 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers - 2019.

Top Legal Technology Solution Providers

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
iManage Delivers an integrated work product management platform catering to the specific needs of law firms and corporate legal departments
Company Name Company Description
APTTUS Offers Quote-to-Cash solutions which automate, optimize and apply AI to the enterprise's most important business processes.
ATG Aries Technology Offers outsourcing solutions, business process management and technology advancement to organizations seeking higher operational effectiveness, greater flexibility and cost savings.
Core Integra Provides legal tech services leveraging cutting edge technology and extensive partner network.
Leerah Enterprises Offers automated solutions and smart analytical tool to digitize the Contract Management process and mitigate the contractual risk of an organisation
LSG Offers all-encompassing products that serve to accelerate growth through innovative digital solutions.
Minesoft Offers an array of products for the patent information industry, specializing in patent searching, IP document retrieval and competitive intelligence system.
Simpliance Provides technology based governance, risk and compliance solution to organizations varying from large corporates to start-ups.
UnitedLex Offers legal services and solutions that uniquely solve challenges.
Wolters Kluwers Provides integrated solution with end-to-end addressal of customer experience resulting in better outcome, improved productivity and significant cost saving.